Project Overview

What is Reimagine SamTrans?

In Summer 2019, the San Mateo County Transit District launched Reimagine SamTrans, a comprehensive operational analysis (COA) to redesign the entire SamTrans bus system. Reimagine SamTrans began its work by evaluating every element of the SamTrans system to identify improvements to local and regional travel connections, route design, how often the buses run, best practices for operations and public health, and more. Reimagine SamTrans utilized data and public input to pinpoint the strengths and challenges in the current bus system. The project is also utilizing data and trip-making patterns during COVID-19 to be responsive to how bus ridership and travel patterns may change in the coming years.

The goals of Reimagine SamTrans are to:

Reimagine SamTrans bus icon
Improve the experience for existing SamTrans customers
Reimagine SamTrans passenger icon
Grow new and more frequent ridership on SamTrans
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Build SamTrans’ efficiency and effectiveness as a mobility provider
SamTrans rider mounting their bike on the front bus rack

Project Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet.


Phase one of Reimagine SamTrans

Understanding our System and Service Design Process (Phase 1)

Reimagine SamTrans began in Summer 2019 and will end with an approved new bus network in Winter 2021. In the first phase of work, SamTrans analyzed the current state of the SamTrans bus system and conducted widespread outreach and market research on what riders and potential riders want out public transportation. Thank you for your participation! Your feedback in Phase 1 is being used to future phases of the project.

Phase two of Reimagine SamTrans

Finding Solutions and Hearing from You (Phase 2)

During the second phase, SamTrans developed three new bus network alternatives with potential changes to each route in the system. These design proposals range from minor to major changes. Some routes may not have major changes. Public outreach was conducted in April and May 2021 to receive input on alternatives for each route and how those routes fit together into one bus system.

Phase three of Reimagine SamTrans

Consolidating Ideas and Positioning for Success (Phase 3)

In Phase 3, SamTrans will consolidate feedback received in Phase 2 and use best practices in bus system design to develop one preferred bus system, ensuring all routes complement each other and produce a cohesive system. SamTrans will conduct outreach on a single proposed bus system and refine and develop a plan for implementing that system, beginning in summer 2022.