Route ECR

Route ECR

Existing Service

Route ECR accounts for a large part of SamTrans’ daily ridership. It is a very long route that takes over two hours to travel one-way, resulting in challenges with reliability and on-time performance. Public input included requests for faster service, better reliability, more frequent service on weekend mornings, and earlier service to Palo Alto.

Final Route Details

Route ECR Alternative

Coverage (Where it goes)

In the new network, Route ECR will continue to operate as one route between Daly City BART and Palo Alto Transit Center. SamTrans will explore consolidation of some stops along the route which are in close proximity to other stops or have low ridership. Specific stops will be identified in early 2022, with separate outreach to take place then.

The route will no longer deviate to Flournoy Street and Sickles Ave in San Francisco. Riders to that area will need to walk to transfer to Muni Route 14 or transfer to Muni 14 Rapid at Daly City BART. During times that the Muni 14 Rapid is not running, Route ECR trips will continue to travel to Flournoy Street, east of Daly City BART. This change will reduce travel times for most SamTrans passengers accessing Daly City BART.

Frequency (How often it runs)

In the new network, Route ECR will run more often on weekends, with service every 15 minutes during daytime periods, seven days a week.

Hours of Service (When it runs)

Hours of service will not change.